The DuoVac STAR manages to stand out through its high suction power, elegant and extremely practical design along with excellent filtration performance. Designed based on proven technology, the all-powerful Star represents DuoVac’s best overall value. Remarkably efficient, the Star is surprisingly quiet and very powerful.


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Product Description


Airflow:71.4 l/s
Power:140.5 in H2O
Noise level:58 dB
Voltage:110-120 V
Maximum amperage:15 A
Motor type:Thru-Flow
Dimensions:29.875 x 12.5 x 13.375 in
(760 x 318 x 340 mm)
Weight:21.8 lb (9.93 kg)
Dust canister capacity:33.8 litres
Filtration bag capacity:30 litres
Filtration bag:FILTRE-196-DV


Low noise emission technology motor. Integrated noise reduction system.
The convenient maintenance indicator with LED and integrated instructions and soft start/stop functionality for increased durability of the motor.
May be used with or without a filtration bag. When used with a Duovac disposable filtration bag, it performs a double-filtration for unparallelled air quality.
SILPURE is a new generation of antibacterial treatment that stops the growth of bacteria and prevents the spreading of germs that cause odors on the permanent filter. SILPURE treatment is natural, non-toxic, and ecological.
Large ultralight brushed aluminum canister which reduces the frequency of emptying; equipped with ergonomic handles and integrated latches for ease of operation.


Your Duovac power unit is warranted against manufacturing and/or functional defects for 25 years. Labor costs needed to perform repairs under the warranty are also covered for the first 5 years. Consumables, such as motor carbon brushes and filtration bags are not covered by this warranty. Any repair or maintenance must be done by a Duovac authorized technician. Any costs related to normal maintenance are the responsibility of the owner. To get the complete details on the warranty protection for your Duovac product, consult the warranty document included in its packaging or contact your point of purchase or our customer service.



Can a DuoVac System Be Installed in an Existing Home?
The Answer is Yes! You can enjoy the cleaning power of a Duovac system in any home. Contact Thinkvacuums.com for more information.

How Can a DuoVac System Improve Indoor Air Quality?
A DuoVac central vacuum system removes dust, dirt, allergens, and other pollutants from living areas more efficiently than the traditional upright or canister vacuum cleaners in the market today. DuoVac’s hybrid filtration removes 99.97% of harmful particles that are 0.3 microns or larger in size.

How Do I Maintain My DuoVac Central Vacuum System?
DuoVac systems are virtually maintenance-free. They do not require lubrication. Simply empty the dirt canister or change the dust bag two to three times a year. Most DuoVac models are equipped with a hybrid filtration system that allows them to be used with or without a filtration bag for your convenience. When emptying the canister of a hybrid model, simply tap the permanent antibacterial filter to remove the dust. For deep cleaning, the permanent filter can also be machine washed once or twice a year.

How Does a DuoVac Central Vacuum Work?
DuoVac central vacuum systems are usually installed in a basement or garage. It is connected to wall inlets that are distributed throughout the home by a piping network. Simply insert a central vacuum hose into a selected wall inlet and start/stop the system by pressing the switch on the handle of the hose and start vacuuming. Dust, dirt, and other microscopic particles are then completely removed from the home and deposited in the systems dirt canister.

Can DuoVac Systems Clean Hardwood Floors, Vinyl, or Ceramic Tiles?
Yes! DuoVac offers a variety of floor brushes for all types of hard floors along with automatic dustpans that can be installed in the kitchen and/or bathrooms. Automatic dustpan inlets are an ideal solution for clearing debris in the kitchen, bathroom, or entryway. Just sweep the dirt into the automatic dustpan inlet, step on the pedal and use the power of the DuoVac system to instantly pull the debris into the inlet. No need to use a dustpan or bend down to pick up debris from the floor.

Are the Central Vacuum Hoses Easy to Use?
DuoVac cleaning kits and hoses are lightweight and designed to let you clean your entire home from ceiling to floor. Unlike the short loose hoses that come with the traditional vacuum cleaners. DuoVacs crushproof hoses are designed to withstand everyday use and not kink or twist as you vacuum.

How Many Wall Inlets Are Required in My Home?
It all depends on the size of your home. Central Vacuums are practical and versatile, making them the ideal solution for homeowners. In most cases, only three wall inlets are needed in smaller homes to reach each location with the hose and accessories. Each wall inlet is strategically located and allows you to vacuum an area approximately 65 to 75 m (700 to 800 Sq Ft). If you have any questions about the size of your home and need assistance figuring out how many inlets you need please call 1-800-322-2965 and we will be glad to assist you.

Does the Suction Power Remain the Same Throughout the House?
Yes! A properly installed DuoVac central vacuum system provides the same powerful cleaning performance at every wall inlet, no matter how far away from the power unit, and there will be no loss of suction power at any time.

What Cleaning Accessories are Available for DuoVac Systems?
DuoVac offers a full line of accessories to meet virtually any cleaning task at hand. DuoVac offers tools for cleaning ceilings, fans, handheld motorized brushes for upholstery, mini attachments for cleaning keyboards, and so much more! DuoVac even offers pet grooming brushes that attach to the central vacuum hose. Visit Thinkvacuums.com to shop for all of the Duovac tools and accessories.

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